Northern Hokkaido Eco Mobility

You're never too old or too young to enjoy the great outdoors

A dynamic nature experience with unspoiled natural landscapes as far as the eye can see

The Northern Hokkaido area

Soya Scenic Byway

  • Wakkanai City
  • Toyotomi Town
  • Sarufutsu Village
  • Hamatonbetsu Town
  • Rishiri Town
  • Rishiri-Fuji Town
  • Rebun Town


Teshio River Scenic Byway

  • Wassamu Town
  • Kenbuchi Town
  • Shibetsu City
  • Horokanai Town
  • Shimokawa Town
  • Nayoro City
  • Bifuka Town
  • Otoineppu Village
  • Nakagawa Town
  • (in no particular order)

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About eco-mobility

With a public transport network and a range of options for traveling on your own steam, from bikes and canoes to walking tracks, getting around Northern Hokkaido can be just as fun as the sights themselves.

Northern Hokkaido is the perfect place for eco-mobility, with a wealth of natural treasures: the Teshio River, a Hokkaido Heritage Site; Lake Shumarinai, Japan's largest man-made lake; the beautiful Mt. Rishiri; the magnificent periglacial beauty of the Soya Hills; and Cape Soya, the "peak of Japan".

Take a break from today's frenetic information-based society and enjoy a slower pace in sleepy country towns with breathtaking nature everywhere you go.

You'll also find plenty of opportunities to experience the local culture, with all kinds of unique activities.

Make the most of your time in the Northern Hokkaido area!


The best ways to enjoy spring, summer and autumn


Road biking, hybrid biking and mountain biking

With a range of biking styles to suit the terrain, people of all ages can enjoy cycling in Northern Hokkaido.

With wide roads and comparatively few traffic lights, Northern Hokkaido has the perfect conditions for a leisurely cycle.

There are even spiked tires available for mountain biking in winter.

Bike racks made with local wood are set up throughout the area.

★Unique bike racks made from local wood can be found throughout the area!

Trekking & Climbing

Areas such as Mt. Teshio (Shibetsu City), Mt. Santo (Horokanai Town), Matsuyama Wetland (Bifuka Town) and Mt. Rishiri (Rishiri-Fuji) combine mountaineering hotspots with popular spots that are easy to access.

At the foot of Mt. Rishiri you'll find Kanro Spring, a spring renowned for its sweet, delicious water.

★Matsuyama Wetland: A tranquil forest with sunlight glinting through the leaves
(Bifuka Town)

Walking tracks

There are walking tracks around Shibetsu and in the Soya Hills (Wakkanai).

Courses range from 30-minute strolls to half-day treks.

Camping & hot springs

There are plenty of campsites and hot spring facilities for you to enjoy. Relaxing in a hot spring, watching the stars and then spending the night in a tent is the cherry on the top of your outdoor experience.


The Teshio River is a Hokkaido Heritage Site. The 256km-long river has a comparatively gentle current, making it popular among those who are new to canoeing. There are canoe docks all along the river, with easy access to any facilities you may need. Rent your own canoe or go on a guided tour.

Sea kayaking

On Rishiri and Rebun Island, you can take a guided kayak tour around the whole island.


The best ways to enjoy winter

Skiing, snowboarding and snowsurfing

Enjoy winter sports on some of the best powder snow.

The ski grounds throughout the area offer rentals.

Winter fishing

You can fish for smelt in Lake Shumarinai, Japan's largest man-made lake.


You won't be able to get enough of the comforting crunch under your feet as you walk through the soft snow.


Wakkanai's famous dogsled race is a must-see.

Recommended Route

Want some recommendations of the best sights and local cuisine?


Recommended Route 1

Take the ferry to Rishiri Island.
Rent a bike and go for a leisurely cycle!

Bike around the island
You can rent a bike and cycle all the way around Rishiri Island!

2 days/1 night
(Overnight Island Trip)

You can see the whole of Rishiri Island on your bike, including Rishiri-Fuji, one of Hokkaido's most beautiful mountains.

The scenery is stunning and there are safe and easy tracks provided just for cyclists.

From the spring, you will be able to bring bikes on local buses.


Soya Scenic Byway

Day 1

Travel around Rishiri Island (H)
< Total distance: Around 60km (25km by bike) >

Best spots Other recommended activities include the Mt. Rishiri 16 Views Stamp Rally, the view of Rishiri-Fuji reflected in Lake Himenuma, catching sea urchin and going to Rebun Island for a trek.




Example route for those who love exploring nature


Recommended Route 2

Bring a friend, rent some bikes and enjoy a guided canoe tour!

Long Tour
Make the most of the dynamic primeval nature!

3 days/2 nights

This route is a leisurely tour where you can enjoy everything that's great about Hokkaido. Admire beautiful unspoiled nature, explore the area's history and culture, enjoy delicious local cuisine and try unique activities.


Teshio River Scenic Byway

Day 1

JR Kenbuchi Station (H) - Shibetsu City (H) - Nayoro City (H) - Stay in Nayoro City

Day 2

Nayoro City (R) - Bifuka Town: Teshio River (Ca) - Stay in Otoineppu Village

Day 3

Otoineppu Village (Train → R) - Nakagawa Town (T→M)
< Total distance by bike: Around 130km >

Best spots Suffolk lamb cuisine (Shibetsu City), Planetarium (Nayoro City), Teshio River, Sturgeon Aquarium (Bifuka Town), Hokkaido Meimei Monument (Otoineppu Village), Eco Museum (Otoineppu Village/Nakagawa Town)




Example route for those who want to challenge themselves with a good long cycle


Recommended Route 3

This stress-free route is around 325km! Reach the peak of Japan!

A good long cycle
Cycle all the way to the peak of Japan!

4 days/3 nights

Take a challenging three-day cycle from Asahikawa Airport near the center of Hokkaido to Cape Soya at the peak of Japan.

One of the best things about Hokkaido is its great roads.

They go on for miles without a traffic light in sight, straight ahead as far as the eye can see.

With incredible scenery, the scents of nature and constantly changing views, there's nothing as refreshing as cycling along these roads.


Teshio River Scenic Byway - Soya Scenic Byway

Day 1

Asahikawa Airport - Nayoro City (stay in Nayoro City)

Day 2

Nayoro City - Otoineppu Village (stay in Otoineppu Village)

Day 3

Otoineppu Village - Nakagawa Town - Horonobe Town, Teshio Town, Toyotomi Town -Cape Soya (Wakkanai City)
< Total distance by bike: Around 325km >
(Recommended bike type: Road bike)

Best spots Toyotomi Hot Springs (Toyotomi Town)
Bakkai Road, Soya Hills, Cape Noshappu, view of Sakhalin from Cape Soya (Wakkanai City)




Guide to transport types

Road bikingRoad biking (R) Hybrid bikingHybrid biking (H) Mountain bikingMountain biking (M) JRJR (J)
CanoeingCanoeing (Ca) TrekkingTrekking (T)    




Northern Hokkaido Eco Mobility

Inquiries about eco-mobility in Northern Hokkaido

Teshio River Scenic Byway Route Office

Nayoro Sight-seeing and Town Planning Association (ask for Mr. Hatanaka)


Scenic Byway Support Center (ask for Mr. Shibazaki or Ms. Tomita)